About me

Hey! My name is Alyssa, and I am so excited that you have found Touch of The South Boutique!

I started Touch of The South Boutique October of 2021. I have wanted to start a boutique for so many years and I am so glad I finally took this opportunity to follow my dreams. My goal in this boutique is to show that no matter what YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. I know for me growing up I always felt like I needed a full face of makeup, a perfect body, and the perfect hair in order to look pretty. The older I get and the busier life gets the more I realize that is not the case. You may notice in a lot of my pictures on this website I don’t have a full face of makeup, and after giving birth to two children I don’t have the perfect size 0 body. The purpose behind that is to show a more realistic view of how these clothes may look on someone. 

I am so excited to be living out this dream of mine and I hope that you find something you love on here. I am extremely thankful for your support.
With all the love,